Boats for 25/28mm

Devon Jones on Thingiverse and elsewhere has done a lot of work on Openforge a Dwarven Forge compatible set of terrain pieces. Sadly RPGs are not in my future but these dinghies will be great for Space 1889 - the shorter one is just alien enough.
Printing notes - lots of small blobs and stringing. I think I need to turn the temperature down a bit. Slic3r now has filament specific temperature settings. I am also going to re-cut at .3 or .4 layer height for a better wood effect. 

Shiny and Chrome

So a good friend is going through a rough patch and is looking to distract herself by doing a little Furiosa cosplay. Emmj on Thingiverse put up this rather nice design so naturally I had to print one out and pass it on.

It came out very well.


15mm SF vehicles

Just a quick post. This is a series of wheeled AFVs for 15mm sf war gaming. Printed in PLA and in top and bottom halves because of support problems.  The latest version of Slic3r is finally giving good results for support so I may convert the models to single piece.