Long time no post.

Well it has been quite a while since I posted anything here. There are good reasons and bad but they are of no importance.

The 3d printing experience has been a mix of joy and despair, success and failure - just like life. However, this is not the post to get into that.  What I have found is that once the printer is up and running, design is what really matters.

Over on my wargaming blog I have posted some of the things I have been printing.  The open forge dungeon tiles by Devon Jones were a success - sadly I found that after I printed a bunch, I really wasn't going to get back into RPGs.  They have been passed onto another home where I hope they will be of use. Very successful were the pill boxes I printed up in part for a contest for Chain of Command, Pictures over on Mike Whitaker's blog

Printing slowed down a lot, one of the major reasons being that I didn't want to just print crap, the second being that the design process can take longer than one thinks. However  I seemed to have turned a corner on that.

A while back, my friends Marc and Dan decided to suck me into the world of Gruntz a 15mm Sci-fi rule set. I had some very old Martian Metals figures for power armour but no vehicles. I did some mucking around in OpenScad and came up with these based very loosely on the Alvis Saladin series of vehicles :
Grav Tank

Grav APC

They aren't bad and even made it on the table:

When I posted the OpenScad previews in the 15mm wargaming group on Facebook, I was surprised that I had several questions about where to buy them and a message from a friend saying he can cast resin.  While they were good enough for the table, I wanted to work on them to bring them up to a reasonable standard before looking into if it would be economical to get into producing them commercially. The I got sidetracked a bit and came up with a heavy tank version:

Heavy Tank side view

Heavy Tank top view
The big change in thinking was to add Moar Greebles! It actually takes longer to render these in Openscad than it does to slice them at .1mm. Barrels are still an issue but I will likely fall back on brass or plastic rod,  These are going on the build plate today.  More to follow.

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